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This site is dedicated to Audrey Brody, 1961-1996

Note: This site is intended for adults to use to find stories and activities to share with their children. Please pre-read anything you print to make sure it's appropriate to your and your child(ren)'s tastes and sensibilities.

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...where you'll find a good number of (I hope) entertaining short stories, writing activities, and reading lists for children and students, ages 3 through 15.

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Bad Bat Stories, for early readers

What our visitors say...

“From a grateful teacher…”

"Thank you for such a great website!!! We have enjoyed using it! I had 25 students that participated!"
- Grade school teacher, Las Vegas, NV

I was looking for some short stories to interest my 5th graders when I came across your site. Thank you for helping me out, since they hadn't shown such interest until I read them 'The little time thief'
My students are now asking me if they can [write] their own short stories!”
— ESL teacher from Argentina

My students.... have discovered a love of writing through the stories on your site and now all they want to do is write in their free time.”
—Elementary School Teacher, Epworth, GA

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much my student likes your Bad Bat stories. I teach blind children, and this student lost his vision in second grade. So he has had to start all over learning Braille when he used to be a print reader. He loves the Bad Bat stories; he thinks Bad Bat is just hilarious! He is usually reluctant to read but he asks me frequently if I have Brailled another Bad Bat story for him. We read the story together and then I have him try to read it later to his friends. Thank you for writing these and making them available for teachers and students. Please keep writing more about that naughty Bad Bat. :)”
—Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Kansas

The submissions you received were from my 4th grade class. We are from a small community and the students were very excited to choose their stories and create the endings from your site. You had a lot of great choices for all the ranges of ability. For most of my students, this was the first time they have ever typed a piece of their work. It was a great way for me to meaningfully incorporate technology in the classroom. From a grateful teacher,”
— Stephanie K., Sumner, IL

I just recently found your website, and loved the stories! I am using them in my classroom to teach the elements of literature. They are just the right length for the students to read in a short period of time and then identify the various elements. Please write some more! The students love them!”
— J. Phelps, Middle School Teacher

“Thank you for this web site!”

“All your stories are amazing! Thank you for all your unfinished stories. I let my imagination go wild and I'm really impressed. My class went over "the blue bottle," story so that was the only one I could do. I looked at all of the unfinished stories again and thought it was a great idea to make this website. I am truly inspired.”
— a 9 year old student from New Jersey

“I want to praise you for creating a teacher friendly web site. I have been using your story The Frog Princess for about two years. You have enabled so many of my students to reach with in and harness their own creativity. I always experience such positive feed back when we use your stories.”
— J. Ellis, a sixth grade teacher

“Great idea! My kids enjoyed making up stories and even asked for more.”
—S. Leiter

“I am currently a student intern teaching third grade at Argyle Elementary school in Argyle Wisconsin. … Motivating my students has been an unending battle until I found My Chocolate Brother. My students loved it so much that all eleven of them have created an ending.
Thank you for inspiring my students.”
—Amanda Busse

“We love your stories!!! I teach in a 6th grade computer enhanced classroom and I am always looking for on-line language arts sites to use with my class.”
- K. Blanc

“I am an ESL teacher in South Korea. I have recently found your Bat Bat stories and absolutely love them. Classic.”
—Isaac Johnson

“I'm at the New School in NYC getting a certificate in English Language Teaching (ESL). One of our assignments was to research websites that would be useful for ESL teachers working with youngsters on writing … StuartStories made the final cut to be included among our six favorites! Keep up the good work.”
—Joanne Gruber

“Thanks for the quick and simple ideas. I found out just today that I am teaching a creative writing course for 3rd grade!”
  - L. C.

“I am an EFL 3rd grade teacher in Mexico City and I was looking for cool ideas for my students to start writing. I love the ideas you presented and I thank you for letting me use them.”
—Charo Carrandi

“The 'Bad Bat' stories really gave me a laugh...okay, a bunch of laughs! … they're great!”
—A parent wins the Kidz Printz Seal of Approval! - Kid Friendly Site CYBERSitter Approved! received Quality Award

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