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Win a StuartStories notepad and pen.

Pen and NotepadSubmit a solution to any of the activities on this page and - if we like it - you will win a StuartStories "swanky" notepad and pen … everything your child (or student) needs for their ongoing creative expression.

We have other prizes as well, so if we really like it, we’ll send something along with the pen, plus add your solution to “Awesome Endings.”

Important note: Your privacy is very important to us, but we do require a full shipping address to mail the pen. We promise never use your address again or forward it to anyone else. Kids: Please ask for permission before sending your address.

"Finish Me" Stories

How do these stories end? Let your children or students decide. This activity is simple. I provide the beginning to a number of stories -- your children finish them. (Go to the "Finish Me" Stories activity)

"Frankenstein" Stories

Contrary to the name of the activity, this has nothing to do with Mary Shelley's gothic monster. In this activity, children use all the supplied story elements to "bring to life" a story of their own creation. This was my daughter Molly's idea (then age 9). (Go to the "Frankenstein" Stories activity)

"Machine" Stories

I've invented (or borrowed) a few extraordinary machines and put them into your child(ren)'s hands. What happens when they use them? Again, either your child(ren) can write the stories on their own or, together, you can create the tales. (Go to the "Machine" Stories activity)

Ten Word Stories

Who says stories have to be long and involved? Can you write a story, with a beginning, middle and end – and even a hero – in just ten (10) words? (Go to the "Ten Word" Stories activity)

Sponsors Wanted

I am looking for sponsors for the Writing Activities section only. If you'd like to see your name or company's name attached to this section, let me know. (I'll put up your banner ad and link.) However, I'm really just looking for some cool prizes with which to reward children who submit 'winning' entries.

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