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Awesome Endings and Other Solutions

I have been privileged to receive a great many solutions to the activities on this website. Below are some of my favorites.

They are being presented as they were submitted with only one exception: I corrected any obvious typos.

Ten Word Stories

“Finish Me” Stories

“Frankenstein” Stories

Ten Word Stories

Not technically a story, but a great thought in 10 (or fewer) words…

“Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself”

Spooky, but very visually written…

“shadows became me. left. came back. soul left. still searching…."

For “Finish Me” StoriesImaginary Sister

He started hearing noises from up stairs and seeing some of the food being  eatend. Thats not all he was seeing someone looking at him when he came home from scool every day. He was also seeing a girl in his dreams laying on a bed just stairing up at him wall thay holed hands really sad. The next day he started to see the girl from his dreams at school. Everyone thought she was weired because she sat on the sidewalk after school and never talked. That night I hade another dream about her but this time we were at the park playing my favorite game, tag. She looked fine in this dream but never talk yet in my dream. But it was my dream so I should  make her talk. Before I could say anything my alarm went off and I fell out of bed. BOOM I hit my head on my alarm that I took down with me. That morrning I got  up and raced to school, I never thought I would go to school and mean to. When I got there I saw here siting on the front step of the school. I  looked at her and seamed comfused as she walked into the school smileing, she never simels. I followed her into the school and chased her into the girls bathroom. She was good, she new I was not alould in that bathroom. So I closed my eyes and I went in. I opend my eyes and I saw SNOW everywere. I heard a small littel laugh and then saw her up in a tree. I screamd out lould, WHY WOUNT YOU TALK. I felt a littel bad so I said, ok im leaving now. I got out of the bathromm and looked back sad but when I looked back all I say was a mirror. A mirror, why is there a mirror there, it was not there before when I went in. Someone was coming I could not get watched in the girls room, what if that person has a camera and thay put it on utube. Oh no. I peeked out and saw that girl and she was dressed as a clone of me and she was rideing a tricical. Thats when I got out of the girls room because I know that she would not tell on me. That night I wolk up at 3:38 and saw her in her pj at my door she leand agesnt my bed and looked at me, Im your sister she said. I SCAREMD and hit her, but my hand went right through her. Oh I forgot to tell you im also inaginary she wispered.


[Editor’s note: Somewhat suspicious that this is child’s submission, but if you read to the end, you will see why we like this one. Don’t recall anyone else ever thinking of this idea. Nice work. ]

* * * * *


Because when I was in my room cleaning, I heard a strange noise. When I turned around, I saw a young girl a little older than myself, but still young. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I asked her who she was ,and  she said she was my sister! I then thought of my parents. They weren't crazy after all unless I became crazy too!

[Editor’s note: This one just tickled my fancy. ]

* * * * *

Deddy lay in bed at night, his stomach growling with hunger. He saw the glowing, green numbers on the alarm clock across the room: 12:00. He heard the pat-pat of footsteps in the hallway, and his back tensed up in fear. Oh, he thought. Somebody had to go to the bathroom.

The door opened a crack and he thought it was his parents, to come check on him to see if he had a bad dream. He had become a little wary of them after they had started setting out food for his “sister”. Please. He had no sister. His sister was nothing real, just a figure in his parents’ imaginations.

The door opened wider and instead of his tall, slender father, stepped in a girl who looked about 13 or 14 in her pajamas. She crossed the room and sat in Deddy’s rocking chair. Chandra is just a dream. So this must be an intruder! Wait, what kind of intruder would sit in a chair while I was watching them? Deddy thought, frightened.

“Come here,” said the girl. “I have a lot to explain.”

“Who are you?” asked Deddy, mustering up the courage to go get dad.

“I’m Chandra. I know it seems like-”

“What?” Deddy interrupted. Chandra kept on going.

“I know it seems weird, but I am real. Just be quiet a minute and let me explain.”

Deddy was convinced.

“Go on.” He whispered.

“When you were just a baby, I got that disease. You know the epidemic that was going on about 10 years ago? Scientists proved that it was contagious, so our parents put me in quarantine up in the attic, because they were afraid that you would catch it and die.”

“This is getting weirder by the minute. Dad says there is a poisonous mold growing in up there that makes kid sick. I went halfway up the ladder once, but Dad caught me and I had to go into a time-out.” His mind was spinning.

“There is mold up there, but it’s not poisonous,” said Chandra.

“Wait. If you’re sick, how come you’re down here with me?” Deddy dared to ask.

“I’m a little better now, and you’re a little stronger,” Chandra replied.

“Why didn’t mom and dad tell me earlier?” he questioned.

“They knew that if they told you, you would try to investigate and catch the disease.” Deddy had to ask one more question before he let Chandra go on.

“What do you do all day?” he asked.

“Mom home schools me. I’m in 8th grade now. You also probably want to know why the food is left on the table all the time. One reason is because they never give up hope that I will get better. Reason two is because I can’t eat. I’ve been living on shots for a long time. I was so sick at one time that the hospital wouldn’t take me in. Mom and dad couldn’t afford it, but the hospital sent things like needles and medications.”

Deddy was amazed. His sister got shots every single day, and he never heard her. He only got them once or twice a year and he still cried, even though he wouldn’t admit it.

“Mom and dad said to come tell you when it seemed like you were ready.” Chandra explained.

Deddy was glad he had not fallen asleep. Now he knew and Chandra seemed like a sister he could love.

The End.

[Editor’s note: An interesting way of getting around the 'ghost' difficulty and a very well written ending for a 10-year old.]

* * * * *

For “Finish Me” Stories - The Lucky Coin

As Ralph was running towards me I did not know what to do. I was pretty sure what Ralph wanted [was] the coin! Then I ran. Ralph was fast but I was faster. I thought that he would be gaining on me but I was so scared that I was flying.

Finally I had out ran him. As I was turning the corner I knew that I couldn’t run any more. So I took about a 10 second breath. Then I heard leaves crackling very fast so I ran all the way around the house.

Then I ran back home and hid the coin in a secret spot. Then I went back outside and said that I had accidentally dropped the coin down the drain. Ralph told me that he was coming after me not for the coin but to see if I wanted to go and rake some leaves and jump in them.

The End.

[Editor’s note: I like the twist and that, true to life, the coin was "out of sight out of mind" for Ralph.]

* * * * *

The next day Billy went to Ralph’s house and together they went to Tonny's house. When they told Tonny the story about the lucky coin Tonny said, "You are so lucky, I wish I could have that lucky coin."

In the middle of the night Billy went to sleep and somebody stole Billy's lucky coin. In the morning Billy checked his bookpack and he was looking for the lucky coin, but the lucky coin was missing and somebody had been in his room in the middle of the night and stole his lucky coin. He went to Ralph’s house and together they searched for the lucky coin in Billy's house and Ralph found a ring and maybe somebody who stole the lucky coin dropped his ring in Billy's bookpack while he was sleeping.

"I think I recognize this ring. Isn't it Tonny's ring," said Ralph.

"Better get going," said Billy. They went to Tonny's house, but Tonny was not in his house. His mother told Ralph to go to the park. When they went to the park Billy saw Tonny flipping his lucky coin. He ran to Tonny and grabbed the lucky coin. He said, "Don't you ever, ever do that again."

Billy and Ralph went to Billy’s Grandfather’s house and Billy returned his lucky coin to his Grandfather and he said, "Grandpa, I think you should keep this lucky coin. I don't want to be a gambler when I think about this lucky coin, but thanks Grandpa."

The End

[Editor’s note: I like this ending since it’s fairly close to the one I was originally considering for the story.]

For “Finish Me” StoriesThe Would-be Bird Dog

...Rolluf jumped off the cliff. His master was afraid. But Rolluf was flying! Ed couldn't believe his eyes. Rolluf was happy because he got what he wanted.

But he couldn't get down.

His master thought and thought, but soon he fell asleep.

Rolluf wished he couldn't fly any more.

In the morning, Rolluf couldn't fly any more. But Rolluf was happy being himself: a sheep dog.

* * * * *

...He jumped off the hill, and started flying. The other dogs couldn't believe it. He landed on the ground. The other dogs came over and said,

"How did you do that?"

Rolluf said, "I don't know. I guess I just practiced."

All of the dogs were friends for ever, and they all lived happily ever after. Also, they had a great dinner.

[Editor's Note: When I included 'Bird Dog' on the site, I was trying to add a more accessible story for younger children to complete. I was rewarded with a collection of 16 wonderful solutions from 7- and 8-year-old students from Caln Elementary School in Thordale, PA. Above are two of the ones we enjoyed most. What we specifically liked were lines like "...but soon he fell asleep." and "Also, they had a great dinner."]

For “Finish Me” StoriesThe Soap Bubble Boy

I felt like I was flying, I was lighter than air, no, I was part of the air! I thought I was invincible, I mean, no one could catch you, and you could go anywhere with the slightest inclination of the wind. "I could travel the world this way," I leisurely thought. I looked down to my stinky sister. She had a panicked, crazed look about her, like she had just done something really, really awful and  regretted it. "Serves her right," I thought. "Nothing could get better than this."

The wind blew towards my book. I reached out to touch it, but I couldn't. Well, I touched it, but I couldn't turn the pages. Then, a big gust of wind came. I tossed and turned and realized I was being taken away by the wind. "Katrina!" I yelled. "Katrina! Help!" She didn't hear me. She just stood there staring where I had popped. She got smaller as I floated away. So did my house. They got smaller and smaller until I could barely see them. I was floating over the town. I had to think. How could I get to be human again? I have to think about everything I knew about air. Let me see, air turns to water and water turns to- I knew what to do. I had to float to the arctic! No, I don't even know how to get there. I looked around me. I was about to crash into the grocery store! Someone opened the door and I blew in. Then I  slowly moved around the store. Then I saw someone reach into an ice box, you  know, the ones that store ice so people can buy it- the three pound size. I was being sucked in. The person shut the door. I was locked in the ice chest. Then I looked at my hand, it was there! I realized instead of going to the arctic, I could just go in ice. I slowly regained my visibility, until I was normal again. Still, I was locked in the ice box. I looked out. Someone was coming. They opened the door and-

"Mom!" It was my mom. She looked quite surprised to see me locked up in  the ice box.

"What are you doing in there?" She asked.

"It is a long story," I said. I thought about how I was NEVER going to pop a bubble again. "I am kind of blown out of my mind right now."

The End.

[Editor's note: I like the train-of-thought writing style, but really I added  this to "Awesome Endings" since my kids REALLY liked this ending.]

* * * * *

...I started to float above all the roof tops and this is no lie it was kinda cool but then again it was kinda scary but i was afraid I was gonna pop! Then just then there were three cherry trees! Really tall cherry trees then I started to float downward towards the cherry trees then all of a sudden I landed  back in my yard! Then my sister looked at me all weird! She looked at me like I was a freak! Then she said I was pretending to fly! I really wasn't a bubble boy after all!

The End.

[Editor's note: I like that you have to adjust the entire picture of the story in your mind when you get to the end.]

For “Finish Me” StoriesMy Chocolate Brother

* * * * *

[Editor’s note: It takes a child to come up with an ending as simple and as amazing as this one.]

I was thinking about giving him some caramel to eat so we would have caramel filled chocolate...and maybe some pecans! But, no, I wanted my little brother back.

So I took a piece of lettuce and mashed it up like Mom did with the baby's food and somehow managed to get it in his mouth. Mom and Dad always said, "Eat your greens and you'll grow up to be big and strong." Hey, it works for Popeye the Sailor man! Then I thought, Maybe I can wash it down with milk. Milk is supposed to make your bones strong.

After a few seconds I saw his teeth change from dark brown. Then I thought I  saw something in his mouth moving. It was his tongue! Slowly his eyelids changed color and blinked.

Then I heard Dad come down the stairs. I quickly stuffed more lettuce in his  mouth and dumped in some milk, too. I started to choke. That was a good sign. I ran to distract Dad. I gave him a big hug and started talking to him. It was  then we heard whimpers from the kitchen. "Daaaaaad!" my brother screamed running into Dad's arms just about knocking him over. "I will never eat  chocolate again!" -

* * * * *

[Editor’s note: Seems like he had help from one of his parents. That being said, we like that the first thought was to make the poor brother into a pecan log.]

Here's what I did. I took him to the steps then went up and got dad. Then I came down and called 911!! The police came and took him to the hospital. They said his heart stopped so he was dead. They took him over to the walk in freezer and left him there to make sure he won't melt. Dad was going crazy. Then I said where’s baby. He said at home. We have to go get her. The doctors were going to see if he could come back to life. Then they called mom, she was going crazy. She was going to the hospital right now. The brother came alive and did not know what to do. So he kept eating the chocolate bar in his hand.

[Editor’s note: There are two things we like here. That the author was concerned about continuity. See the ‘Where’s baby?’ question. And that , at the end, the brother just kept munching on the chocolate bar as if nothing happened.]

* * * * *

I went into the refrigerator and tour out all the shelves and food and shoved my Chocolate Brother in the refrigerator. "What did you do to the kitchen and where is brother son?" My dad yelled in a angry voice. Then I opened the refrigerator and said, "Look Dad, he turned into chocolate." My dad couldn't believe it. "I better call Mom,” Dad said. Mom didn't believe dad so she stayed at work. Then my dad asked me, "Why is part of his ear gone?" "Because I ate some of it to make sure it was chocolate,” I replied. Then he asked, "Why is there a fist hole in his belly?" "I punched him to see if he was hollow or solid and he is solid,” I replied. My dad and I didn't know what to do while my mom was at work. When she came home she said, "What happened to my kitchen?” Then I opened the refrigerator. "He's all chocolate," my mom cried, "let's get him to the hospital". We put him in the trunk of the car and we all rushed to the hospital. We got 18 speeding tickets that day. When we got to the hospital they took x-rays to see if they could see a person in the chocolate. "He is in the chocolate, so we will have to cut the chocolate." The doctor said, after they cut off the chocolate they put stitches around his body where the chocolate broke out of him. "What happened to his ear?" The doctor asked. "I broke some of it off to eat," I replied. "He has broken his ribs too." I punched him to see if he was hollow or solid,” I replied. "I am buying no more chocolate," My mom said.

[Editor’s note: Another great last line. We also like that he checked to see if his brother was hollow chocolate, which is always a disappointment.]

* * * * *

I took my brother to the grocery store everyday for a week taking him in the freezer section and putting him in with the ice cream so he wouldn't melt. Then finally I used a sample blow dryer when we were there and blew all the chocolate off him. We went home and I put him in the bathtub and got the chocolate scent off him, I made sure the water was hot because he was probably freezing. Then my brother said "I'm never eating chocolate again"!!! That’s when my dad came in and said, "I just finished changing baby"!!! A few minutes later I went downstairs and ate some carrots and then I realized how good they were so I ate a lot more and then I realized I was a carrot!!!

[Editor’s note: One of my favorite submissions of all time. An awesome ending for sure!]

* * * * *

Here's what I did...I did I picked him up and tried to shove him in the fridge. When I did he broke into about twenty or thirty pieces. So I grabbed my bike and rode to a store to look for a bigger fridge but they weren't turned on. His finger was melting! I ran to my friend's house. He has a huge refrigerator. We got there and put him in the freezer because he needed [to be] cooled down fast. I forgot so I ate some more of him. Before I knew it I ate his arm, hands, feet, legs and sleeves. I ran to the chocolate factory and got legs and arms but their weren't hands or sleeves. The sleeves don't matter really but the hands did. SO I got some chocolate and sculpted hands. It turned out terrible. He was missing a thumb and the hands were uneven. It had to do, I was out of money for chocolate so I put the stuff on him and then I put him in my friends freezer again. When he was in there he became human. So he was in there freezing in human form for at least forty five minutes. He was so cold. I am surprised he became human again. He asked me "Where's my thumb and why are my hands uneven and where is my sleeves?" I said, "I don't know!" When I got home dad asked, "Where were you and aren't your brothers sleeves missing?" "Oh, it is a long story!" The next day we went to church and he couldn't pray with his hands. Sometimes he plays with his ears and when he did, he noticed he was missing an ear. He was so mad!

[Editor’s note: I bet he was mad! I think it’d be fun to write more of this story. It’d be interesting to learn how the brother dealt with his problems or how he might get back to normal. Any takers?]

* * * * *

I made a thing that can turn chocolate to life but one of the circuits broke. I put the thing on my brother's head and pushed the button. He ran around like a looney. He thought that if he went into space he will turn into a human again. I tried to stop him but it was too late. He went in a space ship and went off. He melted because of the sun. Suddenly the space ship ran out of gas and crash landed on Earth right in the same spot. Then a miracle happened. The melted chocolate turned into my brother again. Then my dad came down. He asked, "What was it?" I said, "Oh, nothing."

The End.

[Editor’s note: A little wild and crazy, but I really like the fact the story ends where it began and the ‘Oh, nothing.’ at the end.]

I took my brother over to his room and got his coat. I then took him outside. When I got Dad, I took him outside to see. When we got there he was gone, someone took my chocolate brother. I ran around the house and in the backyard, he was moving! He took another bite of the chocolate bar and turned to dark chocolate! I called to my Dad. He said, "What"? I said, "Come here!” So Dad came around and saw him take another bite of the chocolate bar and turned to milk chocolate! Dad said, “He didn't listen, did he?” I saw him take another bite of the chocolate bar and turn to milk chocolate, with almonds! The chocolate bar is gone. Dad ran into the house and looked at a chocolate bar wrapper. It said "if turned to chocolate spray with hose." Dad came back out, grabbed a hose and sprayed. My brother turned to chocolate syrup and disappeared. I walked into the house feeling stupid, but when I got there by the snacks he was alive.

The End.

[Editor’s note: This is the first solution (I think) where the brother is able to move after he’s tuned into chocolate. And I really adore the idea the boy would keep turning into different kinds of chocolate like the Hershey miniatures. What fun!]

* * * * *

I took my brother and put him in the fridge. That way he wouldn't melt. I will just take one more nibble out of him. What I did was stick him in the fridge. Then I ran upstairs and got Dad. He was sound asleep. I heard the door slam shut. I knew it was mom I knew she would know what to do, so I ran down stairs. She already saw brother was turned into chocolate. I heard her call my name. I went into the kitchen. She asked me what happened. I told herb the story. She told me to go get Dad and tell him to come down. I went and got him a minute later he came down. Mom told him what happened to brother. She told him to tell brother he can eat as much chocolate as he wants three times fast and he will come back alive. Dad said that, and he came back to life. He didn't even have any holes in him where I bit him. Then Mom said to Dad not to ever do that again. But he did it again another day.

Brother found the piece of chocolate in the fridge. I had to explain it to him.

[Editor’s note: Apparently things like this happen all the time in this family. Also, this is the first time the Dad was blamed for actually causing the problem with his warning. I guess we Dads never learn!]

* * * * *

I tried putting him in the fridge, but he wouldn't fit. I called for dad and he said I'm coming I’m coming. He came down and said what is that thing? Dad, that’s my brother. Well I guess we have to do something before your Mom gets home. Dad what are we going to do? We can put him in the attic. No, Mom always goes down there, and if she sees him she will scream. It was in the middle of winter so it was snowing. We didn't know what to do. I was scared because I didn't want to get in trouble by my Mom. It was 5:30 my mom was almost home. Ring, ring the phone rang. Dad answered it, it was Mom. She said that she was going to work overtime today. She said and make sure no one turns into chocolate. Dad hung up. There was a lot, a lot of snow on the ground so dad buried him in the snow. It is 8:00. So Dad told me to go to bed. I told him no, because I always go to bed when Mom gets home. We heard something outside, and so Dad went to check, and it was my brother! So we all went inside to watch t.v. Mom got home. She came in and said now did anyone turn into chocolate? We all said no! So no one ever ate chocolate. Well except for my Mom. Uh oh, I hope she doesn’t turn into chocolate. Oh here it goes again.

[Editor's note: This one is fun since the whole family joins in to make the problem disappear before Mom gets home. There’s lots to like here, including the pace, but my favorite part is when Mom warns about this problem specifically. Mom just knew that would happen.]

* * * * *

Since he is my little brother I decided not to stuff him into the refrigerator. So I said "Dad this is an emergency. I can't handle this myself!"

Dad came down and took one look at my little brother and said "What did he do. Maybe we should take him to the chocolate factory and see if they have a reverse switch to change chocolate things into real things."

And that's what we did.

And they did, but it changed him into an elephant! So, we took him to the zoo.

They had to keep him there and we got to see him every day.

The End.

[Editor’s note: What I like even more than the elephant twist is that Emma has managed to ship her little brother off to the zoo. I’m sure many big sisters believe this is the proper place for their little brothers.]

* * * * *

i open the door and push him out in the snow. i didn't whant him too melt so i thru snow all over him. when dad came doun stars he told me good job and we had too fed him penut butr so he cood hav pro tene to turn back to a boy and he did

The End.

Editor's note: Very cute! I did not correct the spelling or punctuation, since that's half the charm of this ending.]

* * * * *

Well, there wasn't anything else to do but eat him. I couldn't keep my willpower going, and he just looked so tasty. Dad was busy and would never know, so I took a bite. Then another, and another. Before I knew it, his arm was gone. Boy was he good! I was getting full, but I ate his other arm. I couldn't resist. I kept eating. Dad still hadn't come down with the baby. Still busy I guess. My stomach was getting sore, but I kept on. Finally, all that was left was his right foot. I ate that too. I started to feel funny--my legs weren't moving the way I wanted them to. My arms felt stiff--I smelled chocolate.......

[Editor's note: So many people have ended the story by eating their chocolate brother that, at first, I thought, 'Here we go again.' But this was the first time the narrator also became chocolate. And I really like the way it is written.]

* * * * *

I carefully picked him up and took him into my bedroom. I didn't want dad or  mom to freak if he started to melt. I turned down the temperature in my room to 54 degrees I thought that would keep him solid for a while. I tried to think back to last summer when my friend turned into a ice cream cone we had to look up a number in the phonebook for some doctor that could fix it. It took me while to think about it until it hit me his name was Dr. Change de Vano. I dialed his number and got four rings until someone picked up.

They answered, "Hi this is Cindy speaking. Dr. Change de Vano is seeing someone at the moment. May I help you?"

"Yes, my kid brother turned into chocolate. I'm afraid he may start to melt. Can you please get him and tell him it's life or melt."

"Sure hunny just wait a few minutes he should be coming soon."

"Hello said a deep voice. It was the Doctor. I heard your brother turned into chocolate. What you'll need to do to change him back is feed him more chocolate until he is sick to his tummy and can't stand the smell. Slowly he'll start changing back to normal."

"Thank you, sir."

A few hours later he was back being the annoying 5 year old he always was.

The End.

[Editor's Note: Makes me wonder if there is a whole section in the phonebook for doctors who specialize in turning children back into themselves. "Hmmm ... Let's see ... Here's one that specializes in turning children back from 'desserts.' Maybe he can help." I also like the ending.]

For “Finish Me” StoriesThe Blue Bottle

It was a small rock. Millie threw the rock away. Millie kept the blue bottle. It was pretty.  She put the bottle with her toys.

[Editor's note: Perfect. It takes a child to appreciate what is really important: that the bottle, itself, is the true prize.]

* * * * *

...a folded note. Millie read the note which was typewritten. It said "Guess  Who? If you guess correctly, you will win a hug." Millie knew her father was the only person in her house with a typewriter so she went and asked him if he had typed the note. He said "Yes" and gave her a bear hug!

[Editor's note: How sweet! And what a nice change from all the gems and fairies and magic items.]

* * * * *

It was a glass horse! Millie used to love horses, when her mom was alive. She was a horse trainer. One day, when she was picking up a horse, that had to be brought home, a storm got so bad that trees started falling down. One fell on the car and trailer. She died instantly. Millie never felt right around horses again.

This figure was different. It had a magic sparkle to it. It was a clear crystal. It was the prettiest stallion. Millie fell in love with it. It made her feel as if her mother was still alive. She ran downstairs to see if her father knew anything about the blue bottle. The kitchen was empty. So was the living room. Then she saw a note on the table. It said:

Dear Millie,
I will be gone till five.
You can reach me on my cell phone.
I love you.


Millie was disappointed, but then she thought of the attic. Maybe there was something in the attic, something from her mother’s past that told the story of the crystal horse. She went into the hallway and pulled down the string that brings the stairs down. She went up and turned the light on. It was dark and kind of scary, but Millie didn’t mind, for she wanted to figure out the story of the glass horse. Millie looked all around. She was just about to give up, when she saw a small box labeled: Marie. That was her mother’s name! She opened the box and saw a letter, a diary, and a tin box. The letter was addressed to her! She opened it and read it out loud to herself: "Dear Millie, You will some day find a crystal horse and wonder what it means. If I should not be there when you find it, then you can read this letter. That horse was my favorite thing. I got it at the small gift shop by our beach house. If you held it up to the sun, it would sparkle and shine so wonderfully. It reminded me of all the times we saw the wild horses. I wrote a poem about them. It’s also in this box. I love you! Mom"

It was so special. Millie now understood her mother’s passion for horses. They were wonderful animals. Millie now knew how wrong she was for blaming the accident on the horse. She would never again stop trusting the wonderful animals called: horses.

[Editor’s note: My eldest daughter is a sucker for any story with horses. The only thing missing in my opinion is the Mom’s poem. Stefanie? Care to write and send me the poem?]

I thought of a poem I had written when I wrote that. I would have included it but I thought it might have been too long. Here's the poem:

"I have been many places in my life," grandma tells me.
"But my favorite is the beach.
You see the rolling, crashing waves going anywhere they please.
With the rumble of thundering hooves, of the free racing horses.
Palominos, pintos all claiming their place.
Although in a blink of a human eye you see nothing
But thundering hooves and frighting waves."


[Thanks, Stefanie.  Very vivid.]

For “Finish Me” StoriesThe Frog Princess

…a handsome prince that Meaghan once saw. The prince said, "Lovely princess, let me come with you to a far away castle and together we shall become King and Queen." Meaghan agreed to let the prince come with her.

On the way down the road, Meaghan asked the prince, "What is your name?"

The prince said, "My name is Hubert."

When they were a few meters away from the castle, they began to get hungry. "I’m hungry," said Meaghan.

"Me too," said Hubert, "but where are we going to get the food." Meaghan said, "I remembered to bring some food." They split the bread in half and shared the grape juice and gave some food to Dragon.

Chapter Three: The Castle

While they were eating, some guards came and took them away to the king’s room. They were forced to tell the king who they are and where they come from. Meaghan was first, she said, "I am Meaghan. I come from a kingdom far away from yours."

Hubert was next, "I am Hubert. I come from a kingdom next to her kingdom."

When they looked up at the king, the king said, "I am so amazed. I know you two. I am King Kevin. Your fathers always talk to me about you two. What in the world are you doing here?"

Meaghan said, "We came here to stay away from my father because won’t let me marry a prince because…"

"Slow down Meaghan," said King Kevin.

"Because when I kiss a prince, he turns into a frog."

"That’s terrible!" said King Kevin. The king told his guards to take the two children to the queen. Her name was Queen Stephanie. She had the greatest ideas a person could think of. When they got there, the queen planed to go with the children to a powerful magician. His name was Raymond. Raymond was very smart person because he was only 10 years old!

Chapter Four: The Magician

When Queen Stephanie, Meaghan and Hubert went to Raymond, Raymond said, "I know how we can solve this problem. We will turn Princess Meaghan into a frog, so when she kisses Prince Hubert, prince Hubert will become a frog!"

The queen was so surprised the magician had a solution! Meaghan and Hubert were surprised that they would become frogs, but they were happy because they could be together. They spent the night at the magician’s house helping him make a potion to make Meaghan turn into a frog. They used cat blood, sawdust, and all other things and the last thing he used was cat excrement! They had to freeze the potion till it was Meaghan and Hubert’s turn to become king and queen.

Chapter Five: The Wedding

Time past slowly as Prince Hubert and Princess Meaghan’s turn to become king and queen. The day came and the potion had to be heated again. They had built frog a throne and frog beds for the prince and princess. The church was decorated with money that the country delivered to them. Meaghan kissed Hubert and Hubert turned into frog. Meaghan drank the potion and she became a frog. They built a royal tank for the new babies of Meaghan and from that day on, all the kings and queens have been frogs, thanks to Raymond.

The End.

[Editor’s note: Wow. I think we have another Ionesco here. This story ending is incredible on so many levels, I can only say this: I am proud to have written its beginning. Great work, Raymond!]

* * * * *

…a fat ugly frog. Dragon began to growl and the poor princess fell down and started to weep. For frogs were what got her into this whole BIG mess. After a long, good cry, she felt a lot better and got up to go find a place to spend the night. The horrible little toad followed her. Then she got an idea. "If I kiss the frog maybe it will turn into a prince!" So she knelt down and gave him a kiss on his right cheek. Magically the frog was transformed into a handsome prince. She wept with joy. She was so excited she gave the prince a big smack on the lips. And suddenly the prince returned to his frog state. She sat and pondered. She knew that she couldn't live married to a person who changed from frog to prince after every kiss so she must think of something to stop the spell. Dragon, whom she altogether forgot about, began rifling through her beaded handbag. The contents fell out and she noticed her bottle of lipstick. "With lipstick the princes will be protected from my enchanted lips," she said to Dragon. She then kissed the frog and then put on lipstick and tested her hypothesis. It worked!!! The prince remained a prince! She married him and they lived happily ever after.

[Editor’s note: A nice simple solution to the problem.]

* * * * *

...was a handsome boy in rags. " Why, wh-who are you?" Meaghan stammered.

She backed one step from him.

"And who are you?" The boy asked in disgust. "You look perfectly spoilt. You dress up like a princess too." But Meaghan couldn't help staring at his gorgeous face. The boy faked a smile. "Are you a princess?" he joked.

Meaghan finally found her voice. " Yes, I am. Are you surprised?"

The boy's eyes widened and jolted up a little. "Can't be. But you looked like one. And how can you get out of your palace? There must be guards surrounding you," he said, looking everywhere in case of spies.

"I ran away, silly," Meaghan told him. "You never heard of me, do you? Well let me tell you, I'm..."

" Princess Meaghan," The boy guessed, staring at the gold she was wearing. " And why did you run away?" The princess squirmed. Surely, she didn't want to tell him what she can do. It is very horrifying.

"Me...I just want to take my first stroll in my country," she lied.

The boy was relieved. "Oh, I see," he said breathlessly." He lifted his hands. "Hi," he said to her, "I'm Jeremy Ions. I'm fifteen. How old are you now?"

Meaghan smiled. "I'm fourteen. Say, your name sure sounded like the royalty surname." she insisted.

Jeremy blew. "That's impossible. That's what everybody says. I'm King John's lost son, they would say."

Meaghan grinned." Maybe you are."

They chatted for a little while and then it was time for Jeremy to go home. Meaghan wanted to kiss him cause it will do him no harm for he was not a prince. Slowly, they kissed goodbye.

Suddenly, it was a frog beside Meaghan! Meaghan shrieked and cried. "Jeremy, I know it will now happen to other boys! Now I can't go home again to see the magician to heal you!"

"Meaghan?" the frog called. "You did not tell me about this. Is this the reason you ran away?"

Meaghan sobbed. " I'm sorry," she shook. " I don't know what to do..."

"JEREMY!" The voice of his father called him.

Meaghan panicked. But she was quit surprised because his father is so evil looking and old. Meaghan would not lose hope and tried to explain everything to him. "I'm sorry uncle." She said lastly. The man kept looking at her and smiled. He beckoned her and his frog son to come in. He quickly shut the door and locked it. Then there was hot burning fire in the house.

"For years I know this will happen! I know my brother's son will marry this princess! Now the time has come! I shall be king, not you!" he shouted. The man was King John's evil brother last time who was punished to stay away from the royal place. He kidnapped his brother's son, Jeremy and cursed on Meaghan when she was born to never rule the place. She was cursed to never kiss a prince and never marry.

"You!" Meaghan scowled loudly. The man smiled wickedly and took an old magical sword he had longed to stroke it on the princess' heart. He tried stroking the sword through, but it couldn't move. Suddenly, there was a power Meaghan never used went inside her. Her eyes glowed and lighting came out to shoot the evil. Finally, he was dead. Jeremy dropped a tear to see his foster father die.

Then, all in a sudden, he turned back into a fine young man. The curse was over. They kissed, and nothing happened. They rode back to their palace. Jeremy was crowned a prince and met with his happy, lonely father.

[Editor’s note: Nice pace. Nice strong heroine. All the fantasy elements in place. What’s not to like?]

* * * * *

...a cow with frog lips that were big and red and had a huge foot that was  bigger than the other foot, but right when it jumped out dragon ran and attacked it and the monster became angry and turned dragon into a real dragon. However you would think that would make things more better but it didn't it only made things worse because dragon was fierce and started blowing flames everywhere and in one big breath he torched the monster until there was only a lil necklace left that was so bright that the light beams from the necklace turned  ragon back to a dog and some how gave Meghan bigger redder smooshyer lips. So  after that had happend they went back home and right when they walked in the king and queen were so sad and were all over their daughter wondering and asking were she had been but that's not the only thing they wondered. They asked were did you get those lips and she said well there was this terrible monster and dragon saved me and actually turned into a dragon and scorched the monster until there was only a necklace and she said that the necklace all of a sudden gave her big nice red lips. After they had dinner the king and queen and the vizier had another experiment since the princess had different kind of lips.

However the results were horrible. When she would kiss anybody she turned them  into a big ugly monster like the one dragon had destroyed. But there was also no cure for it so the princess lived horribly ever after.

The End.

[Editor's note: Ahhh, who doesn't enjoy a happy ending? While I get a good amount of 'unhappily ever after' solutions, this one seemed to be the right combination of silly and credible, if that's possible. If you submitted this story, please contact me so I can send you your prize and put your proper name and age above. Please input the e-mail you used when you sent the solution, so I know it's really you.]

For “Frankenstein” Stories - It's Boring Being a Bird…

It's Boring Being a Bird

One day a boy name Bill, who was in the third grade, was at home looking out his window and looking at Blue Jays. Bill was heard saying, "I want to be a Blue Jay because they are a pretty blue and they can fly." However, he knew he could not be a Blue Jay, even though he wanted to be so badly that he even had his whole room full of pictures of Blue Jays and he dreamed about being a Blue Jay.

The weird thing was, at the same time, there was a Blue Jay that wanted to be a boy. However, he knew he couldn't be a real boy. Also, this Blue Jay could talk to people.

The next day Bill was at school walking around saying, "I want to be a bird!" Even at recess he didn't play, he was too busy watching blue jays and saying, "I want to be a bird!" A teacher with a pet cat was thinking he had problems. After recess he went to the class and took a spelling test. He failed because a Blue Jay was at the window eating out of the class bird feeder and he couldn't stop watching him.

A week past by and Bill was failing class. He got in trouble by his
mother, he got punished, but that still did not work. One night at 10:30 pm, he was looking at a Blue Jay and the Blue Jay was looking at Bill. Bill just stared talking to the Blue Jay. He said, "Hey my name is Bill and I'm 8 years old in the third grade at Northview Elementary School. I want to be a Blue Jay just like you, but I don't think it's possible." Well, the Blue Jay he was talking to was the same one that could talk and wanted to be a boy. The Blue Jay said, "Hey my name is Gary I'm the only kid in my family. My father is dead because a car hit him. I want to be a boy, and you want to be a Blue Jay, so do you want to switch?" Bill was really surprised to hear that Blue Jay talk and said, "We can't because you can't go to school and believe me you have to go to school. But how about switching on the weekend?" Gary said, "Okay." Gary and Bill began switching places and it was great at the beginning, but it got boring and they felt bad about lying to their mothers. Bill had to tell his mother he was going over his friend's house everyday and Gary had to tell his mother he went to the pond to get some worms and play with
some friends.

Soooo, Gary and Bill decided to stop and just be their selves.

The meaning of the story is just be yourself.

[Editor’s note: I particularly like the 'believe me' comment about having to go to school. The author's voice comes through loud and clear!]


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