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One New Thing

Bretta, age seven, was sitting on her couch wondering why adults thought they knew everything. 

They’ve been here longer, for sure. On this Earth. But they don’t seem to notice or think much. 

They’ve had more practice, also for sure. But they seem to do the same things the same ways over and over again. 

She shook her head and stood up. 

“I will do one thing new,” she said aloud to no one. “One new thing.” 

The cat, blue eyes with a dark grey patch over one eye but otherwise mostly light grey and white, lying on a sunny patch in front of the large and leaky window, didn’t even flinch. 

Bretta only needed to know what that one new thing would be. She sat down again. 

“One thing no one has ever done before.” Then she added. “One thing that’s very, very good.” 

She rubbed her left eye as she pondered what might be truly new, her finger completely covering the small blue tattoo under her left eye for the briefest of moments. 

“Ah… got it!” she declared, thumping the couch with her right hand.

 This made the cat glance up, but not in a startled way. It slowly turned its head while raising it upwards, moving from the sun’s rays into a darker space. It’s eye patch was now less noticeable, and the animal’s blue eyes seemed to fade to gray as well. 

Then Bretta stood up again and began to work on her new idea, pacing the small room as she did so. 

The idea that no adult would – or could – ever think to do since, well, adults just always seemed to do the same thing over and over again and, as Bretta correctly understood, didn’t really think very hard or deeply about their actions. 

So… what did Bretta do?  

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