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Contrary to the name of the activity, this has nothing to do with Mary Shelley's gothic monster. In this activity, children use all the supplied story elements to "bring to life" a story of their own creation. This was my daughter Molly's idea (then age 9).

  1. The Cloud Giant's Flying Powder
  2. 'Twas The Pirate Before Christmas
  3. It's Boring Being a Bird

#1. The Cloud Giant's Flying Powder


  • A bag of flying powder,
  • A goblin child,
  • A human child, and
  • A very angry cloud giant.

The set-up:

Cloud giants live on the clouds. They use flying powder to travel back and forth between the clouds and the Earth. One of these giants loses his bag of flying powder. A goblin child and a human child, coming from different directions, spot the bag at the same time.

Last line (optional):

"Just because we look different on the outside, doesn't make us different on the inside."

#2. 'Twas The Pirate Before Christmas


  • A half-asleep, 7-year old boy,
  • A pirate with red hair and a missing arm,
  • A treasure chest filled with gold doubloons, and
  • The ghost of Blackbeard.

The set-up:

It's the night before Christmas. The boy goes downstairs expecting to surprise Santa, but instead, finds a one-armed Pirate.

Last line (optional):

"The note read: Yo ho ho, Merry Christmas!"

#3. It's Boring Being a Bird


  • A young bluejay,
  • A third-grader,
  • A day at school, and
  • A substitute teacher with a pet cat.

The set-up:

Sick of eating worms and sitting in trees, a young bluejay wishes to be a human child instead. At the exact same moment, a third grader wishes to be a bird. They switch places.

Last line (optional):

"Maybe next time I'll become a dolphin."

Submit your solution. Win prizes.

Send me your solution to this writing activity (solution form). Please get your parent's permission first!

Entries we like will receive a StuartStories pen.The younger the writer, the more likely we’ll send out a pen.

Of course, it's completely subjective and everyone wins just by playing.

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